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Half of US Fruits, Nuts and Veggies
Right Crops, Right Place

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Farmers and consumers have a shared dependence on water. Without water, farmers would be unable to grow the vast quantities of fresh California-grown products we all depend on for a healthy diet.

But it’s consumers that make it all happen with the food choices made at the grocery store. Whether it’s broccoli, sweet bell peppers, nutritious nuts, or beef, poultry and dairy, what we buy is how farmers decide what they produce on their farms and ranches.


The right climate along with rich soils and abundant water supplies combine to make California one of the premier food-growing regions in the world.


California produces great food products year-round. Check out this harvest calendar to see when your favorite farm products are coming out of California’s farm fields.


Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, California’s 400 different crops make it easy to feed your family right and keep it interesting…all year long!


California’s farms can be seen in and around our homes in the things that bring comfort and enjoyment to our families. The abundant and nutritious food we eat, the cotton in our fabrics and clothes, and the beautiful nursery products in our gardens all combine to make California farms a part of our everyday lives.





  • Little did my Great Great Grandfather know, in 1886, that his lineage would still be farming the same land! In 1886, I'm sure he did not think an irrigation pond for drip, a solar field, or his 7th generation grandchildren would be born on the ranch and still living our way of life. My job, my life, my future, depends on Ag!

    Lorna Schultz Roush Secretary/Treasurer for Schultz Ranch
  • I am a 4th generation farmer. It gives me great satisfaction feeding America, as it did for my forefathers. My family has always taken great pride in that!

    Ryan Davis
  • As a third generation fig farmer and daughter and granddaughter of the Simone family that pioneered figs in the Central Valley, I am proud to represent Agriculture.

    Ag is not just where we live, or what we do. Ag is not just how we make our money or what we provide the masses. Ag is who we are and it runs through our veins.

    It is our lifestyle and our passion.

    Tonetta Simone Gladwin The Fig Lady, Passion Fruit Farms, Merced