Maurice and Carol Etcheverry

My husband Maurice’s father purchased the land we now farm as he was in commercial sheep and ran sheep on the westside of the Central Valley along I-5 in Fresno County. This was land that wasn’t developed yet with water until they began building the water system in the early 1960’s. At that time our property was designed to receive water and water rights to grow the crops that we all enjoy. It began with beans, peas, onions, garlic, cotton, tomatoes and now almonds. My grandfather and father farmed in Merced County and now myself along with my husband are farming in Fresno County, making me a third generation farmer.

We leased our land for years before we began farming it ourselves in 1982. We planted our first almond orchard in 1996 and another in 2004 and continue to grow almonds in the fertile soil on the Westside.

Maurice and I have two grown children who believe in the future of agriculture in the Central Valley as it is an imperative part of California’s economy. Our daughter is a teacher in Monterey County and our son is completing his degree to become a PCA (Pest Control Advisor) as he too feels strongly about the importance of agriculture as well.

Being a California farmer is a passion that we have in our family for generations and hopefully generations to come. We believe that our communities which we live are blessed to have the strong support of their local farmers for their, schools, retirement homes, youth activities, Ag programs and the overall betterment of their local area.

The drought has caused major financial strain along with stress as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature daily, and the mismanagement of our water system has been a huge factor in getting the water to flow to our crops. Westside farmers have been on the forefront of water conservation being among the first users of drip irrigation to stretch their water needs and conserve this precious commodity.

We encourage all Americans to get behind not only California farmers but all farmers who contribute to growing the safest food and fiber you enjoy each and every day. We have hope that people will educate themselves on the importance of Ag in California and with this banner program, gives them the opportunity to do so.

Maurice and Carol Etcheverry

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